Food Allergy Facts

  • 1 in 13 children has a food allergy

    This is nearly 2 in every classroom. Educators need to be prepared to handle reactions in school.

  • Over 15% of kids with food allergies have a reaction at school

    Reactions most commonly happen away from home. Learn how to help prevent and manage reactions at school.

  • A food allergy reaction sends someone to the ER every 3 minutes

    Prevent these reactions before they start.

  • Food allergies are becoming more common

    The prevalence of food allergies in children has increased by 50% (1997 and 2011)

  • Young adults and teenagers with food allergies are at the highest risk for fatal food allergy reactions

    It is important to learn about the basics of food allergy, particularly for this age group.

Food Allergy Basics for Home

Tailored for the needs of parents and home caregivers

Get Started Now!

Help prevent life threatening food reactions at school or at home

Dr. Sonia Cajigal has found that, while the food allergy epidemic in children is rising, parents, educators and caregivers have not been offered a specific education to address this. She has compiled the most important information and made it into a concise training that can be completed in less than 30 minutes! Choose the course that fits your needs! Each is tailored for particular environments. Choose either the school or home course.
Help prevent life threatening food reactions at school or at home

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